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Statistics for November 2016:

– 21,000+ page views per month


300×250, located below each post. Cost – $20 per month

300×250 banner, located on the left sidebar.  Cost – $20 per month.

Prepayment is required through Paypal. Rates are subject to change at the end of the commitment. Banners must be approved. No flash banners or animations, please! A minimum 3 month commitment is required.

Product Reviews/Giveaways

I enjoy writing Product Reviews.  Product Reviews that are accompanied with a giveaway get more traffic. If you would like a Product Review with a Giveaway the cost is two of the same product. One product I will keep and use for the review and the other will be used in a giveaway contest.


Do you have a prepper product that you would like to trade for advertising space?  Send me your proposal.


Please contact me at:  contact{at}


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