Humanitarian Hygiene Kit

DIY Hygiene Kits

March 5, 2016 PreppersSurvive 5

Hygiene supplies are an essential part of good health and comfortable living.  However, hygienic care is often the most over looked prep.  Many may remember to get some extra rolls of toilet paper and a few tubes of toothpaste but what else should you include in your hygiene preps? […]

backpacking first aid kit list / hiking first aid kit list / camping first aid kit list / bug out bag first aid list

Bug Out Bag First Aid Kit

December 3, 2015 PreppersSurvive 3

Keeping wounds clean and covered is an essential part of surviving an emergency situation.  When a wound becomes infected it can be life-threatening if not treated.  Proper treatment may not be available so prevention is very important.  Having a basic first aid kit could not only save your […]

Preppers Supplies Checklist

Prepper Supplies Checklist

September 8, 2015 PreppersSurvive 1

Do you have a way to measure the prepping milestones you’ve hit?  Are you looking for a list of survival gear that can help you determine the right preparedness supplies for you and your family?  Have you ever felt anxious or overwhelmed on your prepper journey?  You are not […]

Emergency Birth Kit

Emergency Birth Kit for Roadtrips

May 26, 2015 PreppersSurvive 6

Have you ever researched how to deliver a baby in an emergency situation? My brother and his pregnant wife, who is eight months along, are making a 14 hour trip through the desert wasteland know as Nevada, to come visit me.  I also have a niece, 7 months […]

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12 Ways to Survive with Asthma

September 5, 2014 PreppersSurvive 0

One of the most common medical issues today is asthma. Asthma is a chronic condition that affects your ability to breathe. The condition affects the airways, which are the tubes that transport air to your lungs. In the United States alone, there are almost 20 million people who […]


Alternative Methods for Maintaining Good Hygiene

June 16, 2014 PreppersSurvive 1

Maintaining good hygiene is critical for staying healthy.  It is a key factor in fighting off infection, illness, and disease.   The historical fiction book: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Anne Shaffer painted a vivid picture of how important soap is in maintaining […]

Antibiotics for Preppers

Antibiotics for Preppers – Fish Antibiotic

May 28, 2014 PreppersSurvive 3

Several people have asked me questions about antibiotics for preppers like:  How can I get prescription-quality antibiotics for my emergency kit? Are animal antibiotics safe for human consumption? And then there is my question, how can I get antibiotics cheaper? At the beginning of the year I visited […]

Best Remedies for Motion Sickness - Preppers Survive

Best Remedies for Motion Sickness

April 18, 2014 PreppersSurvive 0

On February 8, 2016, my husband and I departed on cruise to the Caribbean.  We were lucky that our ship was not affected by the hurricane.  However, the first night on the cruise the water was very choppy and many passengers started feeling the effects of motion sickness.  I […]

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