Testing Faraday Bags

Testing Faraday Bags

November 29, 2016 PreppersSurvive 9

Do Faraday bags work? There’s a lot of misinformation about what a Faraday cage (or bag) protects against.  The basic belief is that Faraday bags are designed to block radio wave transmissions, act as an insulator to protect against electronic currents, block tracking and hacking.  Federal agencies and […]

Tactical Pen Everyday Carry Main Photo

$6 Tactical Pen

June 13, 2016 PreppersSurvive 0

Tactical Pen Everyday Carry One of the greatest benefits to being a woman prepper is the use of a handbag.  I store a variety of everyday carry items in it like a knife, duct tape, pepper spray, key chain light, multi tool, small first aid kit, battery bank, […]

Preppers Supplies Checklist

Prepper Supplies Checklist – Page 1 of 2

September 8, 2015 PreppersSurvive 0

I’ve noticed that on several Prepper discussion boards people are looking for an extensive Prepper Supplies Checklist, a way to organize their preps, wishlist, and survival goals.  If you are one of the many looking for a way to organize your preps then I hope this article and […]

Knife Hacks Main

5 Knife Sharpening Hacks

February 24, 2015 PreppersSurvive 0

Most bug out bags have a knife, many do not have a whetstone or knife sharpening tool.  There are several easy hacks that might surprise you.  These knife sharpening hacks will put a cutting edge a pocket knife, machete, or a kitchen knife with items you’d find in or around your […]

Teaching Stranger Danger Skills

Practicing Stranger Danger Skills

December 18, 2014 PreppersSurvive 3

I’ve been a foster parent for going on three years. One of the hardest things about being a foster parent is the uncertainty of what your foster child will face when the courts approve their reunification with their family. Will they end up back on the streets? Will […]

Protection Preps for Preppers

3 Protection Preps for Under $10

August 2, 2014 PreppersSurvive 0

A woman I know was walking in what she believed was a safe neighborhood when a car drove past her and stopped suddenly.  Two guys jumped out and headed towards her.  She pulled her pepper spray out and then speed dialed a friend.  After seeing her hold up […]

A Prepper Story

A Prepper Story

May 6, 2014 PreppersSurvive 7

My husband may never forgive me for telling this story but it demonstrates an important lesson.  We planned a trip to go hiking through Kings Canyon, one of California’s National Parks.  Being the Prepper that I am, I read up on the local animal life and what to […]

No Picture

Home Defense Ideas

April 22, 2014 PreppersSurvive 1

You shouldn’t wait for crime to show up on your doorstep before you consider how vulnerable your home is. It is always a good idea to take precautions and research the security issues your home may have in order to protect your loved ones. We can’t all afford […]

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