Frugal Ideas on How To Stash Supplies for a Rainy Day

How To Stash Supplies for a Rainy Day

July 16, 2014 PreppersSurvive 0

Rainy days happen to most people:  job loss, natural disaster, medical hardship, financial hardships, economic downturn, etc.  Stash supplies for those rainy days to provide a buffer for you through hard times.  Gathering emergency supplies doesn’t have to be costly.  In fact, below I have created a list of […]


Alternative Methods for Maintaining Good Hygiene

June 16, 2014 PreppersSurvive 1

Maintaining good hygiene is critical for staying healthy.  It is a key factor in fighting off infection, illness, and disease.   The historical fiction book: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Anne Shaffer painted a vivid picture of how important soap is in maintaining […]

Antibiotics for Preppers

Antibiotics for Preppers – Fish Antibiotic

May 28, 2014 PreppersSurvive 2

Several people have asked me questions about antibiotics for preppers like:  How can I get prescription-quality antibiotics for my emergency kit? Are animal antibiotics safe for human consumption? And then there is my question, how can I get antibiotics cheaper? At the beginning of the year I visited […]

Emergency Alerts on Cell Phone

6 Emergency Alert Resources

April 26, 2014 PreppersSurvive 0

Technology can be so helpful!  You can be warned of upcoming dangers by emergency alerts on your cell phone.  Being one of the first to know about oncoming dangers can provide you a jump-start.  There are several different companies and products that send out emergency alerts.  There are […]

Prepping Podcasts

Prepping Podcasts List

April 10, 2014 PreppersSurvive 1

Have you thought about listening to prepping podcasts while working on your spring cleaning projects? For those of you that are not familiar with podcasts, they are blog articles that have been audio recorded. This can be a great way to learn something new about prepping by listening […]

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Short Term or Long Term Food Supply?

April 1, 2014 PreppersSurvive 2

Do you know the difference between short term & long term food supply? According to FEMA, some foods & beverages can be stored indefinitely if stored “in proper containers and conditions”. Short-term food is usually highly processed (boxed meals) or stored in liquid (canned foods) or has high […]

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