Communicating in an Emergency

communicating in an emergency

Communicating in an emergency can be problematic. Disaster can strike anytime, and when it does communication is often the first thing to be compromised. Below is an infographic with helpful tips on communicating in an emergency situation.


To keep yourself and your family safe and avoid being caught in a desperate situation, you need to have a backup plan for communicating. This plan should include things like:
  • Creating a family emergency plan.
  • Compiling an emergency contact list.
  • Establishing a calling tree.
  • Subscribing to local text alerts.
  • Purchasing alternative phone charging options.
  • Etc.
Chances are that during an emergency situation your cell phone may not work. In this scenario, you need to have alternative channels for communication. GetVoIP has put together a guide that covers various options for communication during a disaster and shares their respective pros and cons. Read the guide below to learn more.


Communicating in an Emergency 

communicating in an emergency


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2 Comments on Communicating in an Emergency

  1. Thanks for this article on putting a communication plan together. I know we need to spend more time on this area, so the tips you have given will help out.

  2. Great post! Just think about it, how many phone numbers do you know by heart? In this day in age, we are very dependent on technology and all of our important contacts are in our phones. That is something that we don’t really think about until we absolutely need to remember a phone number. Creating a document with important telephone numbers is a great idea. I enjoyed the infographics too.

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