6 Emergency Alert Resources

Emergency Alerts on Cell Phone

Technology can be so helpful!  You can be warned of upcoming dangers by emergency alerts on your cell phone.  Being one of the first to know about oncoming dangers can provide you a jump-start.  There are several different companies and products that send out emergency alerts.  There are also a couple of different ways to receive alerts. The ability to check our email, Facebook , download apps, and get text messages means that we have access to emergency alerts on cell phone. Below are several options to consider.

6 Emergency Alert Resources


1. National Updates (cost: free) – Click on the picture and you’ll be taken to the website so you can sign-up for special alerts.

– Receive Updates Regarding National Security From Homeland Security –

Emergency Alerts on Cell Phone - Emergency Alert Systems

  Receive Updates Regarding Computer Threats From US-CERT

Emergency Alert Systems

Receive Updates Regarding The Latest Outbreaks From The CDC –



Wireless Emergency Alerts on Cell Phone

A majority of new cell phones have an Emergency Alert App already installed on them. It’s a national public service to warn us of imminent threats, extreme weather conditions, and Amber alerts. I was able to find this app in my Android cell phone under: settings, notifications, apps, Emergency Alerts. You can see how to find this app on an iPhone by watching the News Channel 15 video below.


2. Updates on Statewide activity (cost: free) – Do a Google search to see if your state has a Public Alert Warning System.  Below is a screenshot of the Public Alert Warning System from the Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security.  This is more specific to potential dangers in your state.

     – Local Homeland Security –

Emergency Alert Systems - Emergency Alerts on Cell Phone


3. Weather Apps for Smart Phones and Tablets (one time fee: $2 – $3) – The Pro Weather Alert is for android phones & the NOAA Radar Pro is for Apple phones.  There are several free weather alert apps for iphone & android  but its worth paying the few dollars for the upgraded version.  You can customize these to your city so the warning you receive is only for your area.  You can also customize the level of the warnings you receive.  I have mine set to warn me of only extreme weather conditions.

Emergency Alert Systems - Emergency Alerts on Cell Phones


4. Weather Radios (purchase for: $35 – $80)  – These weather radios can be programmed for multiple counties.  There are also multiple options for the sound alert.  NOAA radios provide coverage to government operated weather channels.  Please note that internet and cell service might be interrupted during extreme weather so a radio is best.

Emergency Alerts on Cell Phone


5. Alert Notification Website (cost: free) – Let’s say you want to go hiking, tell Alert Someone Emergency Notification System where you are going and when you plan on returning and it will alert the people on your contact list if something happens to you.

Emergency Alerts on Cell Phone - Emergency Alert Systems


6. Survivehive Alert Center (cost: free) –  This is a great emergency alerts resource if you’re worried about cluttering up your email and social media sites, you can check updates on disasters, extreme weather, outbreaks, cyber security warnings, and emergency alerts on your cell phone.

Emergency Alerts on Cell Phone

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Emergency Alerts on Cell Phone

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