Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Gifts to Give Yourself This Mother's Day

The noted author Gary Champman has taught that there are five love languages.  One of the five love languages is gift giving.  Gift giving is one of many ways to celebrate a person and express love.  Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate.  But don’t just celebrate all the other mother’s in your life.  Acknowledge yourself for the deeds you have done.  Spoil yourself!  There are things you want but make sacrifices every day so that everyone else has what they need.  What do you want???  What have you been putting off??? Below is a list of last minute mother’s day gift ideas for yourself or the wonderful mothers in your life.


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

 1 . Edible Plants and Their Uses

Mother's Day Gift Ideas- Herb Garden

2. Emergency Chocolate

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Emergency Chocolate



3. Prepper Kitchen Supplies

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Pestle


4. New Tech

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Tech

New technology is being developed every day.  It’s fun to discover the latest tech and share it with others.

  1. Saltwater battery charger – no power cords, it charges rechargeable batteries using saltwater
  2. Solar lantern – great lighting for evening parties
  3. External computer memory storage – protect photos and important documents by keeping an external back-up
  4. Pocket phone and tablet power bank charger – charges cell phones and tablets when you’re on the go
  5. Solar bank – continually charges your tech with sunlight while on road trips, camping, or hiking


5. Encourage a New Hobby

While on the phone sharing childhood memories with my sister, we discovered that we both wanted to develop the skill of knife throwing ever since we were exposed to it as children.  A set of throwing knives is what she’ll be getting for mother’s day.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas- New Hobby


Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Quill Pen

Glass Blowing

Wood Carving & Whittling


Acrylic Painting

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