Prepper Comic Books

Prepper Comic Books

Instilling preparedness values in children is something that many parents take seriously.  It can be daunting to teach children about emergency preparedness.  If you were wondering how to expose your children to preparedness topics in a fun way, comics are a great avenue.  Comic books are making a comeback so it’s a happy surprise to find prepper comic books.  Below are titles that link to several free comic books.  Some links have a couple of comic books.  There is a total of 7 preparedness comics books listed below.

Prepper Comic Books

 1. Preparedness 101:  Zombie Pandemic

This beautifully illustrated prepper comic book was found on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website (CDC).  This a short story about Todd, Julie, and their dog living through a pandemic.  The underlining theme is emergency preparedness and at the end of the comic is an All Hazards Emergency Checklist.  Zombie Pandemic has 36 pages.


Free eBook Prepper Comics



2. Survivor Tales:  Aftershocks, In Deep Water, Eye Over Houston

The Survivor Tales comic books were found on the Seattle & King County website.  There are three separate comics about real life disasters and the people who survived them.  It was interesting to learn about different disasters and how the people responded to difficult situations.  They are a great resource for teaching children about emergency preparedness.  The ebook comics are twelve pages long and in four different languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese.  Once on the King County website scroll down below the coloring books to find the comic books.

Prepper Comic Books - Free eBook Comics



3.  Without Warning

Without Warning was found on  There are two ebook comics found on the website: one is about earthquakes and the other is about tsunamis. These fun comic books are full of adventure and they are beautifully illustrated.  The underlining theme is to be a preparedness leader.  To learn skills and have emergency supplies so that you can help others.  Both comic books have 16 pages.  Once on the Oregon website scroll down until you see the comic books.

Prepper Comic Books - Free comic books



4. The Be-Prepared Bear

This old comic was found on Government Comics Collection.  It was published in 1984 and it’s more of a cartoon illustrated ebook.  This comic is for younger children to teach them about earthquake preparedness.  In a child-friendly way, it explains what to do during an earthquake. The ebook comic is a total of 8 pages which includes puzzles and games throughout.

Prepper Comic Books - Free comic books

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