Tactical Pen Uses

Tactical Pen Uses - Survival Hax Survival LED Pen Review

A tactical pen is a popular everyday carry for preppers. Although they can widely differ in weight, size, and design there are some common features that all tactical pens have. These features are a replaceable ballpoint pen, aluminum kubotan for self-defense, and a steel tip designed for breaking glass. I’m a big fan of tactical pens so it’s fun to see when a company gets creative.

Survival Hax Tactical Pen Uses

Survival Hax is a company that creates and promotes gear to campers, outdoor enthusiasts, and survivalists. They have an online store and survival blog. One of the products they designed is a sleek tactical pen with some cool features.

1. Flashlight

Flashlight - Tactical Pen Uses


2. Firestarter

Tactical Pen Uses - Firestarter - Survival Hax Tactical Pen


3. Writing

Tactical Pen Uses


4. Kubotan Self Defense Weapon


5. Glass BreakerTactical Pen Uses



Tactical Pen Uses - Survival Hax Tactical LED Pen Review

  • Length:  6.5 inches
  • Thickness:  .5 inches
  • Weight:  1.6 oz
  • Exterior:  Aviation aircraft aluminum
  • Tip:  Tungsten steel cone
  • Flint Material:  Magnesium
  • Pen:  Mini ballpoint refill
  • Listed Price: $29.99



Tactical Pen Uses - Survival Hax Tactical LED Pen Review

The Survival Hax tactical pen has some additional features that are not found on most tactical pens, like a flashlight and fire starter which makes it a useful everyday carry. Its curvy design makes it comfortable to hold and it writes smoothly. The glass breaker steel tip and aluminum casing are good quality. It weighs .6 ounces more than the pen I’m currently carrying which isn’t bad considering the extra features. It’s also longer than many tactical pens which can be helpful in a self-defense situation. One thing that is a little troublesome about this pen is the screw on flashlight feature. I unscrewed the glass breaker to use the pen and screwed the glass breaker end on the top of the flashlight. When I unscrew the glass breaker to replace the cap the flashlight top came off too and the battery and spring fell out and were lost for a while. It takes (3) LR927 batteries that would be meticulous to replace. Overall, it’s a fully loaded tactical pen that I’m happy to add to my collection.

Note: As of 8/28/18 the Survival Hax Tactical Pen is currently on sale at Amazon for $19.99. This review was written in exchange for the product.

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