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Duct tape is an EDC (everyday carry) for me.  I’ve been carrying it since high school.  A skater friend gave me the idea when I saw his shoes all duct taped up.  He told me  he gets holes in his shoes from skateboarding.  It’s apparently hard to do jumps and tricks on your skateboard when your feet are sliding out of the holes in your shoes.  I was amazed at how quickly shoes would fall apart for skateboarders but the duct tape held up time and time again.  I could see how it would be useful for many quick fixes so I started carrying it.  Flash forward twenty years later and I’m still carrying it.

A 4ft roll of duct tape can easily fit into a pocket.  I can buy or make the duct tape EDC roll.  It’s cheaper to make them if you already have a large roll of duct tape or if you’re making several rolls.  I keep these 4ft rolls in my wallet, glove boxes (in each car), and emergency kits (bug out bag).

Duct Tape EDC

The uses of duct tape are endless so I’ll just list a few of my favorite uses for EDC duct tape.  If you’d like to know more about an item on the list below click on the picture.

1. Make or Repair Shoes

Duct Tape EDC Flipfop

Duct Tape EDC Flipfop 2

I get attached to my shoes and dislike shopping for new ones.  When I finally get a comfortable pair I will wear them until they fall apart.  Even when they fall apart I try to resurrect them.  Flip flops are the best at falling apart but with some duct tape they can still be functional.

2. Jerry-rig Car Parts

Duct Tape EDC car

Luckily, I haven’t needed to duct tape too many of my car’s parts back together. My family members have not been so lucky.  Without duct tape the cars wouldn’t have been road worthy.  My dad had a knack for putting wreaked cars back together with duct tape.  There’s a webpage with some great pictures of cars with duct tape called Bodyshop on a Roll.

3. Tape-up Shipping Box

Duct Tape EDC box

Have you ever been in line at the post office and seen a person hurriedly put together a package to ship?  Only then to realize they forgot tape to close the box. This has happened to me more than once.  It may not be pretty but it gets the job done.

4. Lint Remover

Duct Tape EDC lint remover

This really should be first on the list because this is what I use duct tape for the most.  It’s a great lint remover and much more compact than the one you buy at the store.

5. Communication Method

Duct Tape EDC - SOS

It’s practical for writing SOS signals or for spelling out Happy Birthday on the back widow of your husbands car.

6. Mark a Trail

Emergency Communication Plan - Duct Tape EDC

Whether you’re hiking in the forest or find yourself in an evacuation situation use EDC duct tape to leave a trail.  It can help locate you or lost loved ones.


7. Make an Arm Sling or a Brace for a Broken Bone

Duct Tape EDC

The are many medical survival uses for duct tape.  So many in fact that there is a book dedicated to the topic.  Its sure helpful when I’m all out of band-aids.


The Prepared Bloggers present - Everyday Carry Bag. What will you find in ours? Duct Tape EDC

The Prepared Bloggers are at it again!

Everyday carry, or EDC for short, refers to items that are carried on a regular basis to help you deal with the normal everyday needs of modern western society and possible emergency situations.

Some of the most common EDC items are knives, flashlights, multitools, wallets, smartphones, notebooks, and pens. Because people are different, the type and quantity of items will vary widely. If you have far to travel for work or have young children, your EDC could be huge!

But, even if you’re just setting out for a walk around the neighborhood, taking your essential items with you in a pair of cargo pants with large pockets, may be all you need to be prepared.

Follow the links to see what a few of the Prepared Bloggers always carry in their EDC. Would you feel safer with these items close at hand?

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