Build an EDC you can be proud of

EDC you can be proud of - Preppers Survive

The Everyday Carry (EDC) consists of the items that you carry with you, well, every day. We never know what we may encounter over the course of the day and it is typically not feasible to carry your bug-out bag with you at all times.  EDC items typically fit in a pocket or handbag.  There are items that I choose to carry with me every day so if a situation arises the odds of me being prepared are increased.  How do you know if you have a EDC you can be proud of?  When your EDC has helped you, your friends, and your family out on more than one occasion.

My EDC includes:

1.  My Pocket Pistol – A 9mm Beretta Nano handgun because a good fight is one that never gets started.
2. Duct Tape – One million and one uses and counting…
3. Whistle – Sometimes, its helpful to be found.
4.  Paracord Wristband – Fish hook, cash, and a silver coin are woven into my homemade wristband.
5.  Lighter – to lite the chapstick! Plus, you just never know when you might need a lite.
6.  Jogger Mace – Easy to grip and comfortable to keep in hand while moving.
7.  Pen Mace – It looks like a pen but when the cap is removed…bad guys beware!
8.  Knife – Every prepper needs a reliable knife. Mostly used for car repairs.
9.  Permanent Marker – Notes to loved ones and part of my Emergency Communication Plan.
10.  Hand Sanitizer – Cleanliness is next to godliness & hand sanitizer serves as lighter fluid.
11.  Carabeamer Flashlight – Hooks on stuff and lights the way.
12.  2-in-1 Chapstick & Candle – Who can live with chapped lips or in darkness, not this girl! See YouTube video here.
13.  Water Purification Tablets – I like to hike and can usually find water but is it safe to drink?
14.  Allergy & Pain Killer Medicine – Makes the day-to-day more enjoyable.
15.  Food – I’m always packing protein & sweets!

Weave Money into Paracord Wristband - EDC - Preppers Survive


I use a normal cobra weave (click here for step by step instructions). Three to five weaves from the start, I place a folded bill on top of the middle two paracords and then continue to weave over the money.  The money will usually show through so it should be weave on the inside of the wristband so it will be worn against the skin.  The hook I start after the first weave.  I hook the two middle paracord strands and then weave over the hook.  The hook is dangerous to work with.  It will easily poke you and find it’s way embedded in your skin.  The smaller hook the better! DISCLAIMER


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