Growing Fruits in Your Garden All Year Round – Infographic

growing fruits all year round

Growing Fruits All Year Round

Adding fruits into one’s diet is essential in keeping oneself healthy but growing them in your own backyard puts in even more benefits.

In the recent years, people have placed a huge importance in fresh, chemical-free food which is why being able to monitor how they grow gives one more control over what pesticides and fertilizers get into them.

Moreover, starting a fruit garden also forces one to move around, adding more physical activity in their routines.

But the thing is that growing fruit plants and trees can be very intimidating. They require time and energy and would usually need a lot of space. Growing fruits are not exactly the best choice of a hobby for urban dwellers.

However, the infographic below is here to change that perception.

You see, growing an entire tree isn’t really that tricky. As long as you know the basics and you know the good and not-so-good points for each plant then everything should run smoothly and without a hitch.

When it comes to choosing which fruits to grow, it is very important for one to find out which plants are best for a particular hardiness zone, soil preference and the climate.

Figuring out the best fruit to plant on a specific season is also essential to its survival. Many of these plants and trees such as bananas, cranberries and raspberries can actually thrive even in the cold, winter months as long as they are wrapped for protection or taken indoors.

Now, many beginning gardeners easily get discouraged when their plants do not produce anything as they had expected. Some fruits will take at least a year or two to start bearing fruit.

It may seem like there is too much information to take in when it comes to growing fruits. Don’t worry: once you have established your plants, it should become much easier to maintain them and you should be able to reap abundant harvest all throughout the year.


growing fruits all year round


How to grow fruit all year round by team at Happy to Survive.


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