Prepper Tool Roll

Prepper Tool Roll

February 3, 2018 PreppersSurvive 0

Today I de-junked my bugout bag. The poor backpack was stuffed so full, I was OVER prepared! You’d be amazed at how many methods I had for starting a fire, in just one bag. It all started when I thought a tool roll was an interesting idea for organizing […]

Immortal Cheese - Examples

Immortal Cheese

January 20, 2018 PreppersSurvive 0

There is one ingredient that makes my food storage BETTER than my mama’s food storage. Money was tight growing up because my father worked seasonal jobs. This meant during the off-season our meals mostly came from our food storage. We ate a lot of stew during those times. My […]

HydroBlue Pressurized Jerry Can Water Filter - Emergency Water Filter

Jerry Can Water Filter – 7 Reasons Why I Love It!

December 20, 2017 PreppersSurvive 3

The HydroBlu Pressurized Jerry Can Water Filter has made my favorite emergency preps list! It’s a 4-gallon water container with a hand pump for water filtration. The hand pump pressurizes water that has been added to the jerry can, feeding it through the filters, and turns it into clean drinking […]

Old Water Storage

Is it Safe to Drink Old Water Storage?

September 19, 2017 PreppersSurvive 4

Have you ever noticed how water doesn’t taste the same in all locations? Whether it’s straight tap water, water softened tap water, well water, bottled water, or tap water in a different city, it all tastes different. In fact, the drinking water from my faucet tastes different from […]

What Should Be in Emergency Kit- Power Outage Kit Picture

What Should Be In Emergency Kit?

March 7, 2017 PreppersSurvive 2

A friend of mine lives in Northern Idaho and recent cold weather and a windstorm had her living without power.  They had to figure out how to stay warm during a power outage for 10 days!  With the cold weather and storms moving in, I’ve had several people […]

Food Storage Starter Kit - Preppers Survive

Food Storage Starter Kit

February 21, 2017 PreppersSurvive 3

Having a month supply of food storage is simpler than you might think.  It’s known as a food storage starter kit.  In one box (19 x 13 x 7.5) you can put 6 cans of food that will make 90 meals.  The 6 cans are a bit bigger […]

Prepper picture of food storage pantries

An Uncensored Peek Inside a Prepper’s Pantry

October 25, 2016 PreppersSurvive 4

My friends and family get caught off guard by me sometimes.  “Can I get a picture of your prepper’s pantry for an article I’m writing”?  The first few times I asked this, the response was the same, an indulging smile followed by an awkward silence.  The hesitation, which is totally […]


5 Emergency Heat Sources Worth Considering

September 8, 2016 PreppersSurvive 13

Like most of you, I enjoy being warm.  I live in southeast Idaho where its common to have 6 months of snowfall so staying warm is not always easy.  As a dutiful Prepper, I am constantly on the lookout for affordable emergency heat sources (my first source is […]

Lights for a Power Outage

Best Emergency Lights for a Power Outage

August 23, 2016 PreppersSurvive 8

Light plays an important role on our emotional well being.  When there is no light our minds can get overly active and in a crisis situation darkness can feed our fears.  Lights allow us to prepare meals, read, work, and feel safe when the sun goes down.  Some […]

What do filters remove

What do water filters remove?

July 26, 2016 PreppersSurvive 2

What do water filters remove?  Do water filter pitchers remove the same contaminates as water filter straws?  What is the difference between a water filter and a water purifier?  These are some of the questions I wanted to know when I started looking into which water filter to add […]

PRINTABLE Food Storage Cookbooks PDF - Preppers Survive

9 PRINTABLE Food Storage Cookbooks PDF

July 12, 2016 PreppersSurvive 0

Food storage is, for many of us, the most expensive prep.  However, not all of our food storage preps need to cost money.  The Prepper community is growing (YAY!!!) which means there are a wide variety of resources available to us and some of those resources are FREE. […]

12 Survival Books Worth Reading

12 Survival Books Worth Reading

April 26, 2016 PreppersSurvive 2

Like many of you, I enjoy being swept away by a good book. I even carry a light novel in my bug out bag.  The Prepper in me wants to make sure I have a good book to read even if the “lights-go-out”.   The library is a great […]

Canned Food Gone Bad

Canned Food Gone Bad – Do you know all 8 signs?

February 1, 2016 PreppersSurvive 2

How can you tell if canned food is bad?  Do you know the signs of spoiled canned food that might be deadly?  There are several ways harmful bacteria can contaminate canned food.  In the United States, there are over 100 cases of botulism are reported each year.  This harmful bacteria […]

low budget prepping - Prepping for Beginners

Prepping for Beginners – plan, checklist, tips

January 22, 2016 PreppersSurvive 3

Preppers Survive gets quite a few emails each month.  My favorite emails are from newbie Preppers because they have an intensity and an urgency in their comments and questions.  This intense urgency is how I felt when I first started prepping.  I laboriously looked for articles on prepping for beginners.  It […]

Preppers Supplies Checklist

Prepper Supplies Checklist

September 8, 2015 PreppersSurvive 1

Do you have a way to measure the prepping milestones you’ve hit?  Are you looking for a list of survival gear that can help you determine the right preparedness supplies for you and your family?  Have you ever felt anxious or overwhelmed on your prepper journey?  You are not […]

Off Grid Room

Simple & Inexpensive Off Grid Room

April 28, 2015 PreppersSurvive 4

Have you ever considered which room in your home would make the best Off Grid Room in an emergency?  After reading Fernando Aguirre’s book, The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse, I began looking at my living space with a new perspective.  The book is based on the author’s […]


How to Start a Mushroom Farm

March 24, 2015 PreppersSurvive 1

In time of need, people will be driven to eat just about anything. While mushrooms are widely accepted as a source of food, trying to consume them from wild sources can be very dangerous. On the other hand, starting your own mushroom farm now will give you a […]

Knife Hacks Main

4 Knife Sharpening Hacks

February 24, 2015 PreppersSurvive 0

Most bug out bags have a knife, many do not have a whetstone or knife sharpening tool.  There are several easy hacks that might surprise you.  These knife sharpening hacks will put a cutting edge a pocket knife, machete, or a kitchen knife with items you’d find in or around your […]

The Secret to Carrying 72 Hours of Water

The Secret to Carrying 72 Hours of Water

January 27, 2015 PreppersSurvive 0

Carrying 72 Hours of Water You’ll find me at preparedness fairs from time to time to share tips and information.  One frequently asked question:  What method did I use for carrying water in my Bug Out Bag?   My Answer:  I carry (2) 32 oz water bottles filled with […]

How Do We Store Water?

How Do We Store Water?

August 15, 2014 PreppersSurvive 2

A person can survive approximately three days without water which is the reason it is first on my priority list.  FEMA suggests having (1) gallon of water per person per day.  If you’re storing water for more than one person the gallons can add up.  A question that Preppers ask […]

Antibiotics for Preppers

Antibiotics for Preppers – Fish Antibiotic

May 28, 2014 PreppersSurvive 3

Several people have asked me questions about antibiotics for preppers like:  How can I get prescription-quality antibiotics for my emergency kit? Are animal antibiotics safe for human consumption? And then there is my question, how can I get antibiotics cheaper? At the beginning of the year I visited […]

A Prepper Story

A Prepper Story

May 6, 2014 PreppersSurvive 7

My husband may never forgive me for telling this story but it demonstrates an important lesson.  We planned a trip to go hiking through Kings Canyon, one of California’s National Parks.  Being the Prepper that I am, I read up on the local animal life and what to […]

Bug Out Bag Checklist, 72 Hour Kit & Pictures

Bug Out Bag Printable Checklist

April 15, 2014 PreppersSurvive 10

 Bug Out Bag Printable Checklist FOOD & WATER Personal daily rations for three days 32 oz water bottle (It’s recommended to drink 8 oz, eight times throughout the day = 64oz.) Water filter Camping cook set, utensil, scrubbing pad LIGHT & WARMTH Flashlight with extra batteries and/or solar/hand […]

No Picture

Short Term or Long Term Food Supply?

April 1, 2014 PreppersSurvive 2

Do you know the difference between short term & long term food supply? According to FEMA, some foods & beverages can be stored indefinitely if stored “in proper containers and conditions”. Short-term food is usually highly processed (boxed meals) or stored in liquid (canned foods) or has high […]

The Demand for Fish Increases RISK of Food Shortages

Fish Shortages

February 15, 2018 PreppersSurvive 0

Have you ever experienced, wanting to order your favorite meal at a restaurant only to discover it’s no longer available? For fish lovers, this may be in your future. In 2017, many major newspapers around the world wrote articles about the demand for fish and the shortages to […]

Learn How to Improve Hiking Stamina

Learn How to Improve Hiking Stamina

January 31, 2018 PreppersSurvive 0

Hiking is an excellent exercise and a lot of fun if you’ve got some stamina. It also lets you spend some time close to nature and get away from the noise and busy routine of everyday life. If you are looking to lose some weight or get back […]

Grab & Go Safe - FlexSafe 3

Grab & Go Safe – FlexSafe

January 27, 2018 PreppersSurvive 7

It was love at first sight…a travel-friendly SAFE, securely fastened the back of a beach lounge chair. Several times a year, I find myself in a situation where I want to go swimming whether at a lake, on a cruise, snorkeling in a foreign country, or a hot spring […]

How to Pick the Best Bushcraft Knife

How to Pick the Best Bushcraft Knife for Your Needs

January 15, 2018 PreppersSurvive 0

If you can find a good bushcraft knife, then your outdoor survival becomes a little easier. The best bushcraft knifes can perform several functions. Bushcraft basically means the skills needed to live in the bush (outdoors or woods). The knives are built for hard use and must be able […]

Get a sleeping bag in your kit. How to Pack a Sleeping Bag

How to Pack a Sleeping Bag into a Backpack

November 23, 2017 PreppersSurvive 0

I was so grateful for the well-constructed zippers, as I successfully fit under 30 lbs worth of essential survival items in my bug out bag. Having a backpack and sleeping bag for each member of your family can make storage space an issue. Many sleeping bags are so bulky that […]

Cleaning and gutting a turkey

Gutting a Turkey the Quick & Easy Way!

November 8, 2017 PreppersSurvive 0

Cleaning and gutting a turkey is not as hard as some people might think. Get to learn about the process from this comprehensive guide on preparing your turkey. If you are going to prepare the turkey, then you need to know some of the important steps towards the […]

communicating in an emergency

Communicating in an Emergency

October 23, 2017 PreppersSurvive 2

Communicating in an emergency can be problematic. Disaster can strike anytime, and when it does communication is often the first thing to be compromised. Below is an infographic with helpful tips on communicating in an emergency situation.   To keep yourself and your family safe and avoid being caught in […]

DIY Backpack Ideas - Turn a jacket into a backpack

DIY Backpack Ideas – Quick Emergency Backpack

September 26, 2017 PreppersSurvive 0

Turn a windbreaker jacket or sweater into a backpack, without any sewing. There are some situations where it would be extremely useful to have a backpack. Knowing these quick and easy DIY backpack ideas may be a useful skill, here’s why: Have you ever been in a grocery store that […]

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