Prepper Calendar: Supplies Gathering Plan

Prepper Calendar Supplies Gathering Plan

Ever wondering what the preparedness community is up to each month?  We not only have the National Preparedness month in September but there are eleven other national observance months that make up the prepper calendar.  Here are several uses for this prepper calendar: Save money onRead More

Should I get a $30 Handheld BAOFENG UV-5R HAM Radio?

Handheld BAOFENG UV-5R HAM Radio

Original article BAOFENG UV-5R REVIEW & GUIDE from Communication during an emergency between yourself and your friends and family is so crucial that it almost goes without saying. Yet have you considered what you would do if the phone networks went down? What if thereRead More

Antibiotic Alternative

Antibiotic Alterntatives - Herbs, Foods, Teas, Oils, Fish Antibiotics

Several people have asked me questions about antibiotics like:  How can I get prescription-quality antibiotics for my emergency kit? Are animal antibiotics safe for human consumption? And then there is my question, how can I get antibiotics cheaper? At the beginning of the yearRead More