How to Start a Mushroom Farm

March 24, 2015 PreppersSurvive 1

In time of need, people will be driven to eat just about anything. While mushrooms are widely accepted as a source of food, trying to consume them from wild sources can be very dangerous. On the other hand, starting your own mushroom farm now will give you a […]

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Build an EDC you can be proud of

March 10, 2015 PreppersSurvive 0

The Everyday Carry (EDC) consists of the items that you carry with you, well, every day. We never know what we may encounter over the course of the day and it is typically not feasible to carry your bug-out bag with you at all times.  EDC items typically […]

Knife Hacks Main

5 Knife Sharpening Hacks

February 24, 2015 PreppersSurvive 0

Most bug out bags have a knife, many do not have a whetstone or knife sharpening tool.  There are several easy hacks that might surprise you.  These knife sharpening hacks will put a cutting edge a pocket knife, machete, or a kitchen knife with items you’d find in or around your […]

Luci Lantern

Off Grid Portable Light – Luci Light Review

February 13, 2015 PreppersSurvive 1

  MPOWERD has an Eco-friendly, off grid portable light call the Luci Light. The company sent me the lantern in exchange for a Luci light review and I am glad to report that this is a great product!  The Luci Light is simple to operate because it was designed well. […]

The Secret to Carrying Three Days Worth of Water

The Secret to Carrying Water

January 27, 2015 PreppersSurvive 0

You’ll find me at preparedness fairs from time to time to share tips and information.  One frequently asked question:  What method did I use for carrying water in my Bug Out Bag?   My Answer:  I carry (2) 32 oz water bottles filled with water and water purification straw. […]

Food Storage Checklist - Preppers Survive

Food Storage Checklist

January 8, 2015 PreppersSurvive 0

  Food storage is an important part of emergency preparedness.  Below is a list of ideas to help you get started or add your supply.  When developing your food storage goals its important to have a two week meal plan and the recipes for each meal printed out. […]

New Year's Resolutions for Preppers

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Preppers

January 1, 2015 PreppersSurvive 0

For the last week, I’ve been asking in several online Prepper groups “Do you have a New Year’s resolution regarding emergency preparedness or self reliance”?  The responses varied and some were quite surprising.  Here are the top ten generalized New Year’s resolutions for Preppers in order: Money – build […]

Teaching Stranger Danger Skills

Practicing Stranger Danger Skills

December 18, 2014 PreppersSurvive 3

I’ve been a foster parent for going on three years. One of the hardest things about being a foster parent is the uncertainty of what your foster child will face when the courts approve their reunification with their family. Will they end up back on the streets? Will […]

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Bug Out Bag Essentials for Beginners

December 1, 2014 PreppersSurvive 1

Bug Out Bags have many aliases: 72 Hour Kit, Prepper Backpack, Emergency Bag, Survival Bag, BOB, SHTF Bag, and a few other names I’m forgetting.  Why is it called a Bug Out Bag?  Google’s definition of the term “Bug Out” means to “leave quickly” which is exactly what […]

Food Hacks - fried rice

Food Hacks

November 19, 2014 PreppersSurvive 1

Becoming self reliant and having food storage is becoming more prudent each year.  Below are (3) Frugal Ideas:  UpCycle, Bargain Hunting, and a DIY Project. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – […]

Sleeping Kit

Survival Sleeping Kit

November 2, 2014 PreppersSurvive 2

Whether you are new to the camping scene or bugging out from an natural disaster and just don’t know any better, a $30 sleeping bag will NOT get you comfortable through the night!  Many of us are used to 7o+ degree homes with cozy beds and layers of […]

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