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Last month, I attended a preparedness fair in Shelley, Idaho. Shelley is a very small town but they put on a great fair.  The town works with churches and preparedness vendors to provide a wide variety of resources to all that attend.  Community members have booths sharing their emergency preparedness ideas.  My favorite parts of the event include testing out vendors products, participating in classes, and receiving free samples.  This year, I got free plant food, purchased a Faraday Bag for $9, purchased an LED Solar Lamp/Lightbulb $30.

Prepper shows, tradeshows, emergency preparedness fairs, and festivals are a great way to find deals on supplies, innovative self-reliant ideas, and connect with other like-minded individuals.  A couple of times throughout the year I’ll do a Google search to see if there are any Prepper events in my state and then I check to see if there are any in areas I will be traveling too.  After a Google search, I’ll then check the list below to see if I’ve missed any.

USA Prepper Shows

Gun Show Trader
This is the largest, most up-to-date gun show list for firearm enthusiasts.

Gun Shows USA Gunshows with dates, times, prices of tables, and contact information for promoters. http://www.gunshows-usa.com/index.shtml

Indoor Gardening Expo  The industry’s biggest & best gardening tradeshows. http://indoorgardeningexpo.com/

Sustainable Preparedness Expos
Learn how to be a producer rather than simply a consumer.


Self Reliance Expo
Best one-stop event to have all your Self-Reliance needs met.


Power & Renewable Energy Trade Shows 

Prepper Shows USA

Food Festivals

Survival Institute

The Prepper community can be a great resource.  Find a way to support and/or develop your Prepper community.  Check out Shelley Ready to see how they put together their preparedness fair.

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  1. accidentally ran across this site looking for a different site – found what I was looking for anyway!!! Hahaha, there is a show in my area tomorrow…

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