5 Tempting Reasons To Learn How To Pick A Simple Lock

How To Pick A Simple Lock

In the movies, it seems like everyone instinctively knows how to pick a simple lock. Whether they are a master criminal or just a regular, law-abiding citizen, they make out that there’s nothing to it. In real life, though, things aren’t quite that simple. It’s not enough to just blindly stick a bobby pin in a lock, jiggle it around, and hope for the best. To actually pop that lock open, you need to learn how it’s done. It’s certainly worth the effort, though- here are just five reasons why you should learn how to pick a lock today.

5 Tempting Reasons To Learn
How To Pick A Simple Lock


1. It’s easy to learn

As with a lot of things in life, the best way to learn how to pick a lot is through practice. That’s not to say that you should go around picking every lock you come across, though. Using this practice transparent padlock and tools, you’ll get the hang of picking padlocks in less than a minute.

2. Be the hero that helps your neighbor when they lock themselves out

It’s a problem that could happen to any of us, you lose your keys and have no way of getting back inside your house. The only option is to call out an expensive locksmith- or so it might seem. If you know how to pick a lock, you could get in just as easy as the locksmith. After all, that’s exactly what they are doing, except you can help out hapless neighbors without charging them a fortune for the privilege. You’ll be the neighborhood hero in no time!

Lock Pick Tools 2

3. It’s a valuable life lesson about security

While learning how to pick a simple lock might seem tricky at first, it’s not that hard once you get the hang of it. This should get you thinking- if it’s this easy to crack open a lock, then just how safe are things like my financial info on my phone? If people are determined enough, then a lock is only ever going to slow them down, not stop them completely. Once you truly understand how to pick a lock, you’ll think twice about all security- and you’ll be much more careful with important things as a result.

How To Pick A Simple Lock

4. There’s a whole community of lockpickers out there

Finally, if you look into lockpicking online, you’ll quickly find that there’s a big community around this fantastic hobby. Lockpickers value integrity above all else, and only ever use their powers for good- so it’s a bit like being one of the X-Men! There really is no excuse not to get involved. Buy your lockpicking practice tool today, and before you know it, you’ll be able to do it just like in the movies.

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5. Have some fun on Valentine’s Day!

Yes, you can indeed make it a more memorable holiday with a tad of creativity. It won’t just serve as a gift, but also make your romantic plans more fun.

For example, if your bedroom isn’t exactly a romantic place, you can turn it into a place you and your partner want to be. You can set mood lighting, decorate with red, evoke feelings of intimacy through candles, get cozy and luxurious silk or satin sheets, and etc. Now, lock the door and hide the keys.

Your partner opens their lock pick gift set with a note which reads:

“You’ve unlocked my heart, now see if you can unlock the door to romance.”


“This master key opens the door to happiness.”

The entire experience will be memorable at the very least, but hopefully educational and fun as well.

How To Pick A Simple Lock

Note:  This is for entertainment purposes only! It was a lot of fun learning how to pick a simple lock. It only took a few tries to successfully pick the transparent padlock after watching the Youtube video below. However, after 20 minutes of fooling around and without an instruction manual, I wasn’t able to pick a door lock. The process of trying, slightly scuffed up the doorknob. I’m excited to devote some time to learning this cool skill.

How To Pick A Simple Lock

This YouTube video was made by HelpfulLockPicker.

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How To Pick A Simple Lock


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