Jerry Can Water Filter – 7 Reasons Why I Love It!

HydroBlue Pressurized Jerry Can Water Filter - Emergency Water Filter

The HydroBlu Pressurized Jerry Can Water Filter has made my favorite emergency preps list! It’s a 4-gallon water container with a hand pump for water filtration. The hand pump pressurizes water that has been added to the jerry can, feeding it through the filters, and turns it into clean drinking water. This jerry can will be replacing the two cases of bottled water that my husband and I pack when we go on long road trips. If you like hanging out with your family at the lake, camping, have preps set aside for an emergency, or like to travel to remote destinations then this may be a good fit for you. It is versatile, compact, and makes preparing for adventures a little easier.

Pressurized Jerry Can Water Filter Review

With so many emergency water filtration systems to choose from what makes this one stand out? Here’s a list of why I love the Pressurized Jerry Can Water Filter. It’s simple to use, adaptable to new threats, portable, compact, versatile, quick filtering, and affordable.


1. Simple to Use

The Pressurized Jerry Can Water Filter came already assembled. All that was need was to install the water filters. In four easy steps, it was pumping out clean drinking water.

Step One – Remove the water outlet valve cap and attach the water filters to it. Then place it back in the jerry can and secure tightly. Make sure the water spigot is faced outwards and the valve is in the closed position.

10 HydroBlue Pressurized Jerry Can Water Filter - Emergency Water Filter - Filters

Step Two – Remove the hand pump cap and fill the jerry can with water. Leave some room for air-pressure to build-up. Then place it back in the jerry can and secure the hand pump cap to the jerry can tightly.

HydroBlue Pressurized Jerry Can Water Filter - Filling Emergency Water Filter

Step Three – Pump the hand pump up and down allowing pressure to fill the jerry can. 

The hand pump didn’t take much strength to operate. I believe that a seven-year-old could operate it. The only thing that might be difficult is young children being able to tighten the two caps. If the two caps aren’t sealed tightly the jerry can won’t pressurize.

3 HydroBlue Pressurized Jerry Can Water Filter - Pump

Step Four – Place a container under the water spigot and open the water outlet valve allowing water to flow out of the container.  

HydroBlue Pressurized Jerry Can Water Filter - Valve



2. Adaptable

HydroBlu currently sells 3 different attachable water filters. Two are included in the kit.  The first filter removes bacteria (such as salmonella, cholera, and E.coli) and parasites (such as giardia and cryptosporidium). The second smaller filter removes odor, color, chemicals, and heavy metals. These are currently the largest threats to drinking water. However, in some areas, harmful viruses are found in water. There’s a third filter available that removes viruses as well as bacteria and parasites.


3. Compact & Portable

You may be familiar with the jerry can design. Jerry cans are normally thought of as gas cans and can be spotted attached to jeeps or RVs.  They are designed to be tough, efficiently compact, and portable. This Jerry can water filter takes up less space than (4) gallon jugs of water and is so much easier to pack. This water filter is my first choice for road trips, kayaking, camping, spending a day at the lake, or bugging out in a vehicle.

HydroBlue Pressurized Jerry Can Water Filter


4. Versatile

It’s not only a portable water container and a water filter but it can also be used as a shower or rinse-off station. The shower head attachment is sold separately at an affordable price. I’ve been keeping my eye on off-grid showers and they can be pricey. It’s a great feature to be able to rinse-off produce, dishes, and bodies when I’m out camping or in an off-grid situation. Water sprays through the shower head at a pressurized force of 1 gallon in 3 to 5 minutes. This flow was possible when I took off the smaller filter and added one of the blue hoses to the end of the large filter. It’s best to pump when the water valve is closed or the shower hose starts to leak near the spigot.

HydroBlue Pressurized Jerry Can Water Filter - Shower Head


5. Produces Great Tasting Water

Having a good emergency water filter is one of the staples of being a prepper. A good emergency water filter is one that removes bacteria and parasites which are found in untreated water sources.  What makes this product a great water filter is that it also removes odor, color, chemicals, and heavy metals. The second smaller filter called the Activated Carbon Filter improves the taste and smell of the water filtered through it. This little filter will produce 250 gallons of great tasting water.


HydroBlue Pressurized Jerry Can Water Filter


6. Quickly Filters Water

A big name brand filters water at a rate of 1 gal in 30 minutes. This Jerry Can filters water at a rate of 1 gallon in 3 minutes. It’s one of the quickest filters on the market which is very important if you’re thirsty. It filled a 32-ounce water bottle in one minute. The collecting and pumping took about 10 minutes.

HydroBlue Pressurized Jerry Can Water Filter


7. Price

Good water filtration system can range in price from $188 to $200. HydroBlu’s Jerry Can Water Filter is priced at $125. The replacement filters are priced more affordability than competing brands too.

HydroBlue Pressurized Jerry Can Water Filter


Be Aware

I’m really excited about this Pressurized Jerry Can Water Filter and all its practical uses. There are a few things, I believe you should be aware if you are considering purchasing. First, the pressurizing system doesn’t work without the large filter in place. I wanted to see if I could save the filters (for later if needed) and still use the pressurized jerry can with clean tap water for road trips. Even though it doesn’t’ pressurize without the filter, I was still able to use it by turning it on its side (see photo above). Gravity allows the water to flow out of the spigot with ease. Second, it’s not recommended for use in freezing temperatures. The recommended working temp is 39° – 104°, so consider the weather conditions on where you live (I was testing it and taking photos in 30° weather and it worked just fine). Third, the user manual states that “water should not be stored inside the Jerry Can for long periods of time”. This is a water filter system and NOT a long-term water storage container.



What’s Included:

  • Jerry Can Water Container with Screw-on Hand Pump
  • Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Filter
  • Activated Carbon Filter
  • (2) 3-inch hoses
  • User Manual
  • Storage Box



Size:  14 x 8 x 13

Weight (empty):  4.5 lbs

Capacity:  15 liters / 4 gallons

Flow Rate:  1 gallon in 3 minutes

Material:  tough hard plastic (BPA-free)

Price:  $125 (12/19/2017)



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HydroBlue Pressurized Jerry Can Water Filter - Emergency Water Filter - Preppers Survive



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