My Power Outage Kit

Power Outage Kit Preppers Survive

A friend of mine lives in Northern Idaho and recent cold weather and a windstorm had her living without power for six days, news reports say that some people had no power for 10 days!  With the cold weather and storms moving in, I’ve had several people inquire about ideas for a power outage kit and wonder what’s in my power outage kit.  There are the main essentials you’ll want to consider when putting together your own kit:  light, warmth, radio, charging a cell phone, hygiene, food, and water.  I personally don’t keep food and water in this kit because I keep it in a different location, but it’s accounted for.  I also don’t keep hygiene items in here.  I have a separate hygiene kit that is kept near the power outage kit.  The list of basic essentials doesn’t all need to be in your kit as long as you have a plan for it.  Below is a list and pictures of my power outage kit.

My Power Outage Kit:

  1. Mr Heater Indoor Propane Heater and Mr Heater Carrying CasePower Outage Kit - List and pictures - Preppers Survive
  2. Coleman Propane Fuel Tanks (I also have an adapter and that allows my Big Buddy to use 20 pound propane tanks and I have three of those on hand)
  3. Single-Burner Propane Stove & Cooking Pot
  4. (2) Luci Lanterns
  5. (2) Head lamps
  6. Batteries (It’s helpful to get batteries that have an expiration so you know when to replace them)
  7. (4) Flashlights
  8. 100 Hour Emergency Candle
  9. Garbage Bags (DIY emergency toilet
  10. Multi-Purpose LighterPower Outage Kit 2 - List and Pictures
  11. (6) 12 Hour Emergency Light Stick
  12. AM/FM NOAA Weather Radio
  13. Walkie-Talkies (Many newer walkies cover NOAA weather frequencies)
  14. Solar Power Charger to charge cell phones, Kindles, and Walkie-Talkies
  15. Multi Tool
  16. Mini First Aid Kit
  17. Glow-In-The-Dark Duct Tape (Makes it easier to find your Power Outage Kit when the lights go out)Power Outage Kit - Preppers Survive

  18. Playing Cards and Dice
  19. Checklist of electrical items to unplug

My kit is portable enough to take camping or easy to store for home use.  It may be redundant to have five light sources but I like having options.

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