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Tactical Pen Everyday Carry

One of the greatest benefits to being a woman prepper is the use of a handbag.  I store a variety of everyday carry items in it like a knife, duct tape, pepper spray, key chain light, multi tool, small first aid kit, battery bank, and other essentials.  My newest and most used everyday carry item is a $6 glass breaker tactical pen.

Tactical Pen - Purse

I’ve had it for two weeks and use it to write with everyday.  Its also been used quite a bit for opening boxes. The lightweight but hard aviation aluminum casing and steel tip glass breaker makes this an effectively painful self defense weapon.  Unlike my mace or knife, I don’t have to dig for the tactical pen.  It clips to an outside pocket for easy access and is the only item my husband has successfully located in my handbag.  I can also carry it openly without alarming those around me.

What To Look For in a Tactical Pen

I purchased the Tungsten tactical pen and an Aviation tactical pen to compare and familiarize myself with these inexpensive self defense tools.

Tactical Pen Compared

1. Tungsten is a slimmer pen so it’s more comfortable to write with. The Aviation is not comfortable with its fatter rough surface.
2. Using the glass breaker is far more practical with the Tungsten because of the pen cap. One of the most common techniques when using a tactical pen is to place a thumb over the end of the pen for greater leverage. This is painful to do with the Aviation because there is no flat surface (one end is the glass breaker the other end is the pen).
3. After several attempts at breaking glass the Aviation glass breaker tip lost it’s pointed end but the Tungsten held it’s shape nicely.
-They both use the same ballpoint ink and replacing the ink is simple and easy. Just look for Parker Ballpoint Pen Refills.
-They both get scratched up when using the glass break.
-The weight is surprising light on both which and very similar to good quality pens.
Tactical Pen Everyday Carry 4
 I absolutely recommend a tactical pen to any prepper.  It has become one of my favorite everyday carry items.  It is fun to show off to my friends, break stuff with, and is inexpensive enough that I don’t mind if it gets lost on occasion.  I also enjoy the peace of mind knowing that I have a readily accessible tool that would surprise someone if I were in trouble.  I don’t believe that I will ever go back to a standard pen in my handbag again!

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