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I’ve noticed that on several Prepper discussion boards people are looking for an extensive Prepper Supplies Checklist, a way to organize their preps, wishlist, and survival goals.  If you are one of the many looking for a way to organize your preps then I hope this article and checklists will help get you organized and stimulate new ideas.  If you haven’t thought about getting organized here are some reason to consider it:

  • Checklists can help you to know what essentials you have and what necessities you still need to get.
  • It can provide direction.  Documenting your inventory makes it easier to prioritize needs/wants and set goals.
  • In an emergency, being organized and having a checklist will make things easier to find.
  • It can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your emergency plan.
  • So you  don’t become a hoarder.  Hoarders like to buy and collect items but rarely do they know where essential items are located, they keep acquiring the same items which is a waste of time, resources, and money.

At the end of the article (on page 2) is a PDF link to 13 page preppers supplies checklist that allows you to keep track of your supplies.  My recommendation is that the checklist be printed and organized in a binder (binders still work after an EMP).  The 13 categories are:  Food, Water, Energy/Fuel, Warmth/Light, First Aid, Hygiene, Communication, Financial, Kitchen Supplies, Protection & Hunting, and Bug Out Bag.  The Food & Water Checklists include formulas to determine how much of each you will need depending on the size of your family/group.

Below is a list of categories found on the 13 page preppers supplies checklist. You’ll find links to blog articles in each category (just click on the picture). This page was designed to provide visual aids and easy access to more ideas about each category.  Throughout this website you’ll find many prepper resources so be sure to use the search bar for topics you’re interested in.  The first category listed is: Food Supplies Checklist.  It’s the second and third page of the prepper checklist.  The full preppers supplies checklist is found on page 2.

Food Supplies Checklist

Prepper Supplies Checklist - Preppers Survive - preppers list of supplies

Water Checklist

Prepper Supplies Checklist- long term water storage


Alternative Energy Checklist

Off Grid Room - Prepper Supplies Checklist


Fuel Checklist

Fire Starter Kit - Prepper Supplies Checklist



Warmth Checklist

Prepper Supplies Checklist-  Power Outage Kit



Lighting Checklist

Prepper Supplies Checklist- Lights - Preppers Survive


First Aid Checklist #1

Antibiotic Alterntatives - Prepper Supplies Checklist



First Aid Checklist #2

Bug Out Bag First Aid Kit - Prepper Supplies Checklist



Hygiene Checklist

DIY Hygiene Kit - Prepper Supplies Checklist - Preppers Survive


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